Standard Towbars Class 2

The Standard Towbar, often rated up to 1600kg, is well engineered solution for light towing. The Standard Towbar has been designed for easy installation and the utmost reliability. Unlike the removable TBM found on other models of Hayman Reese towbars, the Standard Towbars have a tongue attached by two bolts.


Reese Light (RL) Towbars Class 3

The RL styled towbar has a removable TBM like the Hitch Receiver Towbar, however the RL has a 40mm by 40mm hitch box and therefore is designed for lighter duty applications.


Heavy Duty Towbars Class 4

Hayman Reese’s famous Hitch Receiver Towbar has a 50mm by 50mm hitch box and is the heavy duty towing option. The Hitch Receivers Towbars are often rated to the vehicles maximum towing capacity and are a must if towing caravans, large trailer, boats or horse size floats. This model towbar has a special sized hitch section which means that it is compatible with all Hayman Reese accessories such as Hayman Reese weight distribution systems. The Hitch Receiver Towbar also has a removable Trailer Ball Mount (TBM).


Hitch Lamp Protector (HLP) Towbars

The HLP is a lamp and body protector combined with the famous heavy duty Hitch Receiver Towbar. It is designed to provide rear body and lamp protection for those commercial vehicles that need to towheavy trailers. The TBM can be removed when not in use.


Other products also include:

  • Standard Towbar Lamp Protector (TLP)
  • Step Lamp Protector
  • Bolt on Steps





Interlock Trailer Ball Mount (300mm) and Towball
  • Replacement for 21196 trailer ball mount/lug.
  • Allows one wrench turning to tighten towball.
  • Fits most popular vehicles.
  • Rated up to 2250kg
  • Suits 50mm hitch receiver
Interlock Trailer Ball Mount (300mm) and Towball
  • 300mm long shank
  • Allows one wrench turning to tighten towball.
  • Fits most popular vehicles.
  • Rated up to 2250kg
  • Suits 50mm hitch receiver
Interlock Trailer Ball Mount with adjustable 5 hole and Towball
  • Adjustable holes allow for easier levelling of car and tow vehicle.
  • Allows one wrench turning to tighten towball.
  • Fits most popular vehicles.
  • Rated up to 2000kgs
  • Suits 50mm hitch receiver

Ensure that bolts are tight before towing. 189.nm is recommended.




Hayman Reese Hitch Holder

Hayman Reese Hitch Park

The intelligient solution for deterring theft and storing your Weight Distribution Head.

How it works:

The Hayman Reese Hitch park is mounted onto the A frame of a caravan. It suits all 2” wide A frames from 3” – 6” deep. The lockable hitch pin is then inserted through the hitch receiver and the shank simultaneously to secure it in place.


• Suitable for A frames which are 2” wide and 3”- 6” deep

• Lockable hitch pin included

• Premium black powder coated finish

• Aesthetically designed




Adjustable Ball Mount

Adjust Ball Mount


Weight Distribution Systems

 Did You Know?

Towing without a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Systems can cause unnerving trailer sway, reduced steering and braking responsiveness, less traction and misaligned head lamps. Overtime you may also notice a reduction in fuel economy and in increased tyre wear.

When using a Weight Distribution System, the ball weight remains the same, however the load is evenly distributed through the vehicle’s chassis to all four wheels. It is important that the capacity of the Weight Distribution System  is correctly chosen and that the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations are always followed.

Classic and Standard systems

Hayman Reese 600lb & 800lb Weight Distribution Systems come in a Classic and Standard style.

The Classic can be described as the Hayman Reese signature kit. The system is comprised of our proven traditional welded head, trunnion style high performance bars with integrated cams, and with light weight extra durable cast steel shanks.

The Standard kit is comprised of round, hook style high performance spring bars with integrated cams. Round spring bars allow for more clearance for trailers with 6” chassis. The system shares the same shank as the Classic kit and also has a light weight cast steel head.

Understanding your trailer ball weight is the starting point for know which Weight Distribution System you need. Use the table below as a guide.


Ball Weight (kg)

Appropriate system

0 – 80


80 – 135


135 – 275

600lb Kit

275 – 365

800lb Kit

365 – 545

1200lb Kit


600lb Kit

Weight Distribution Systems

600lb Kit - Classic Series (28 inch Spring Bars)



Hayman Reese has the greatest range and variances of towing solutions for the ever growing Australian market.

1200lb Kit

For extra heavy duty applications, the 1200lb kit has a working range between 365kg and 545kg ball weight. For towing loads in excess of 3,500kg, a 70mm towball is required.



Drop Shank – Standard

Drop shank – standard

Drop Shank – 30mm

Drop shank – 30mm ( Also comes in 95mm & 160mm)




Hayman Reese Compact Brake Controller

Remote Mount Brake Controller

The Hayman Reese Compact joins the already reliable range of Hayman Reese Brake Controls and like the name suggests is compact enough to be installed with space in mind.

The controls are mounted in the dash of the vehicle, with the main control unit mounted out of sight. There are very few tools needed to carry out the installation of the Hayman Reese Compact with a drill, crimp tool, wire cutter and circuit tester all you need to complete your job.



Fully Proportional Electronic Braking System

With a touch of a button, be in complete control of what you tow

  • Plug & Tow technology, pre-assembled wiring harness and snap-in dash mounting kit for easy installation and quick disconnects.



Hayman Reese has the greatest range and variances of towing solutions for the ever growing Australian market.

Smartclick™ Wiring Solutions

Hayman Reese Smartclick™ Revolutionises Aftermarket Towing

The number 1 brand of towbars in Australia, now brings the latest innovation in aftermarket towing.

Aftermarket wiring solutions have arrived bringing forth a smarter alternative to complicated towbar wiring installations.

Hayman Reese, the makers of premium towing products now further add value by providing Smartclick™ intelligent wiring looms, unique to each vehicle.
What is Hayman Reese Smartclick™?

Every new release Hayman Reese towbar will now include the latest technology wiring solutions known as Smartclick™ Intelligent towing. Each wiring loom has been engineered to suit individual vehicle applications. It’s as easy as clicking together the smart plug with vehicle nodes and the wiring is done.

Hayman Reese offers a range of wiring tails to complete the job, sold separately. Wiring tails are available in 1200mm and 1800mm lengths as well as flat pin, small round and large round plugs.

Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) will also be available to relay the LED component of vehicles to the towing system. This completes the entire wiring revolution provided to you from the leaders of aftermarket towing, Hayman Reese.